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Dojo Etiquette


The House of Koga is committed to the development of body, mind and spirit with the objective to build self-esteem through self-defence.


  • To promote and expand the art of Koga Ryu Ninjutsu as an effective form of modern self-defence.

  • To be able and willing to add techniques to the syllabus as the situation may warrant.

  • To ensure that the basic syllabus, as stipulated in the Instructors Guide, is taught in its entirety.

  • To promote and expand the art of Ninjutsu through communication with other Ninjutsu and Martial Arts schools within South Africa.

  • To promote efficient and high standards of self-disciplined training.

  • To promote self-esteem through self-defence to all trainees, regardless of race, religion, creed, belief, gender or political affiliation.


  • The value system of Ninjutsu as well as Dojo discipline and etiquette must be respected and upheld at all times. Failure to adhere to the rules may result in suspension.

  • Members will respectfully greet when entering and leaving the dojo and must bow as sign of respect when entering or leaving the training area (mats).

  • All students must show proper respect to instructors and fellow students.

  • All instructors must be addressed properly e.g. Sensei Gene etc. It is proper etiquette to bow to your instructor before and after speaking with them.

  • Always observe mat etiquette in the training area, including bowing when entering or leaving the mat and wearing an approved uniform in the training area.

  • Punctuality shows enthusiasm for learning; minimizes disruption; and sets a good example for other students and therefore prompt attendance is expected. If you are unavoidably late, follow the late procedure as directed. Kneel in seiza on the edge of the mat and perform two slow bows. Wait for acknowledgment from the instructor before joining the class.

  • Repeated late attendance will result in not being allowed into class.

  • When unable to attend class, the instructor must be notified.

  • During class, when the instructor is demonstrating techniques, every student must sit or stand with good posture without talking or interfering.

  • You may ask questions during class by raising your hand and waiting to be recognized.

  • Contradicting instructors or complaining during class is strongly discouraged. Instructors are happy to discuss any issues individually before, after or away from the class.

  • Talking should be kept to a minimum and should relate to the class subject.

  • No student is allowed to leave the training area (mats) without the approval of an instructor once a session has commenced.

  • Let an instructor know immediately if you have an injury or feel ill.

  • If you have a physical condition that limits your ability to perform certain techniques, please let the instructor know.

  • Students are not allowed to remove their GI tops during training without approval by an instructor.

  • Shoes should never be worn on the training mat. Only on a senior level and prior approval of the lead instructor will a student be allowed to wear ninja tabi shoes.

  • Do not disturb other students or interfere in any way with class in progress. Show respect to others by not using profanity or negative comments.

  • Students must never belittle or run down any other martial art or any other dojo, student or instructor.

  • No swearing or the use of foul language is allowed in the dojo.

  • No jewellery watches or sharp objects may be worn whilst partaking in a training session. It prevents personal injury as well as damage to the mats.

  • Students must come to class with the correct and clean uniform, clean hair, trimmed nails (hands and feet) and a positive attitude.

  • At no time engage in horseplay on the training area or in the school.

  • Unnecessary roughness, crude language, or display of ill-temper is forbidden.

  • Eating, chewing gum, drinking or smoking is not allowed in the training area.

  • Mobile phones must be switched to silent during class times. In cases of urgency, please advise the instructor before commencement of class and leave the mat in the correct manner to answer the phone.

  • Students are not allowed to attend any training session while under the influence of alcohol or drugs which could impair their judgment or abilities.

  • Students must be an active, positive and supportive role model and conduct themselves in a formal, respectful manner at all times towards everyone they encounter inside and outside of the dojo.

  • Eliminate negativity by controlling your temper, avoiding bad habits, and understanding the concept of empathy.

  • No member will engage in any sparring or free fighting in the dojo without the attention of an instructor.

  • During sparring and training students are to be careful not to make contact through neglect or carelessness. Contact due to carelessness is a serious offence.  No mouth guard – no sparring of any kind. No exceptions to that rule. 

  • No student is allowed to discuss or teach the techniques of the Dojo unless given direct consent from the Instructor.

  • No student will provoke violence outside the dojo or allow him or herself to be provoked into violence.

  • In any situation, martial arts should only be used as self-defence or in competition.

  • Ninjutsu is a form of self-defence and should only be used for this purpose.

  • Ninjutsu should teach you how to avoid fighting, and should only be practiced in the dojo or with an instructor.


I am proud to be Ninja

I shall always practice and study

I shall always be quick to seize the opportunity

I shall always practice patience

I shall always keep the fighting spirit of Ninjutsu

I shall always deflect soft and strike hard

I shall always believe that nothing is impossible

I shall always discard the bad

I shall always keep the good

I shall be loyal to myself,

my art

and my brotherhood